Monday, November 7, 2011

Planning on Buying Your First Home......What is your plan?

I meet home buyers under all types of circumstances.  Some are buying their first home, while others are buying their last.  People that have owned a home before, generally have a pretty good understanding of the home buying process.  The home buyer who needs guidance, usually The First Time Home Buyer or FTHB, can be the most satisfying to work with, and even the easiest, if you work with them on their home buying plan.

When I first meet the FTHB, it normally goes one of two ways.  There's the, "We are buying our first house and we don't know where to start or what to do" people.  This group has started their home buying plan; they are meeting with me to get pre-qualified and to see where they stand.

Then there are the "others".  The others are usually buying a home based on impulse, wants, or worst case, need, but without any plan or knowledge of the home buying process.   They've already fallen in love with a certain home, or their trying to keep up with the "Joneses", or they don't have a place to live now or in the near future. Generally, this group is in over their head and disappointed when I first meet with them, because I have to tell them the bad news.  That they can't afford the house they love or houses like their friends or a house at all.